Decline To Sign The Petition To Recall Marnie Glickman

We ask you to decline to sign the divisive and expensive recall petition against Marnie currently being circulated in our community by a group of fringe political activists. Marnie is being targeted because she believes we should select a new, local, and inclusive name for Dixie School District.

Their extreme recall petition, if successful, will force the school district to spend between $57,000 and $142,500 for a special election. Your taxpayer dollars should be spent on educating our children — not political revenge.

The Marin Independent Journal Editorial Board wrote, “a recall petition aimed at removing and replacing Glickman is wrong. Recalls should be reserved for acts of malfeasance, not because you disagree with an elected official. Whether or not it’s intended, it is a form of political intimidation… .”

It’s time to come together and address an ugly legacy of racism, slavery, and segregation.

The facts are clear: Dixie School District was named during the Civil War and it was named for the Confederacy. “Dixie” is a reminder of racism, slavery, and segregation. For a lot of children, the angry resistance to the common-sense name change means that the adults don’t care about how such an ugly name affects them.

The San Francisco Chronicle Editorial Board called the district’s name, “a tribute to the Confederacy’s bloody pro-slavery rebellion against the United States, an affront to African Americans in a notoriously segregated area, and a historical and geographic nonsense with no identifiable upside.”

That doesn’t mean that everyone who feels a connection to the name is a bad person. But it does mean that now, after twenty-two years of dialogue, it’s time for us to finally do something about it. And other than a few extremists, our community agrees.

Let’s come together to teach our children how to be compassionate and successful.

Marnie supports financial accountability, maintaining class sizes, and increasing child care.

She advocates for raising our district’s budget reserves to at least 10%, transitioning our schools to 100% renewable energy, and ensuring local funding for teachers and crucial academic programs.